The simplest way to Smart Lighting

dLighting technology

Nexperium has taken up the challenge of Smart Lighting.
Our dLighting technology is now available to all industry players in order to enable them to design rapidly and securely new attractive solutions.
On top of the dLighting technology intrinsic competitiveness, Nexperium offers full access to the technology and know-how via licensing. This model allows manufacturers to optimise their product designs with both technical and financial objectives in minds.


Technical facts

The dLighting technology allows combining DC power and digital data on a 2-wire harness. It is optimised for lighting, but it can also be used to control other types of equipment.

  • Same wire for power and control
  • Free wiring topology
  • Smooth and ultra low dimming
  • No electrolytic capacitor in the LED drivers for long-lasting life-time

Key benefits

Cost savings
Reduce operating cost drastically with less cables and centralised AC/DC converters:

  • installation: down to -40%
  • maintenance: down to -70%
Ultra compact
Use the smallest LED drivers ever for:

  • easy integration
  • unrivaled luminaire design possibilities
Eco friendly
Minimize your environmental footprint:

  • reduced power consumption, typically -10% to -30%
  • less raw material
Comfort and safety
Take care of users and operators:

  • flicker-free (compliant with IEEE 1789-2015 standard)
  • no side effect due to the use of radiofrequencies
  • no risk of electrical shock

Typical applications

Retail & Luxury

Hospitality & Residential


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