We rethink how to use light


Lighting is getting smart, digital and connected.

We develop innovative solutions to optimize the way to control light and to empower our customers to create new usages.


In functional lighting, we simplify and improve the performances of control systems.

In dynamic lighting, we make it easier for you to implement user-centered applications, for better comfort and service.



Already looking beyond tomorrow, we are preparing new ways to use light to inform and communicate.


Lighting control

dLighting: a new paradigm for lighting control


The characteristics and performances for current LED's now allow considering more efficient driving solutions than traditional equipment.

This is why we have developed a lighting control system based on safety extra-low voltage, direct current, using powerline communication, particularly well-suited for LED sources:


  • to optimize and renovate lighting installations
  • to free up luminaires' design and create new usages


  • integration is made easier
  • forget constraints due to the size of traditional drivers


  • easier installation and maintenance
  • improved users comfort and safety
  • reduced environmental footprint


  • Ethernet interface to develop smart applications
  • easier interconnection with other systems

The Lab

We work today on tomorrow's innovations


The Lab is our research and development activity in the field of embedded electronics, software and optics.

We take benefits of our know-how acquired through many years of R&D in the industrial and automotive sectors, and partnerships with public research institutes, to create and design technologies for tomorrow's human-machine interfaces and connected usages.


We also offer our competencies to our customers, to support them in the realization of their own innovative products, from prototyping to mass production.


NEXPERIUM is a startup company recognized for its innovative solutions and is supported by:

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